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Stop wondering what's going on inside your body and impacting your health.
It's time to gain insight into how your body is functioning.
It's time to feel your best, boost your immune system and get insight to reach total wellness.
Learn how to get your body in balance so you can eliminate symptoms and remove the fear about them.

This is Your Time to Gain Insight & Reach Total Wellness

Healing with Functional Medicine

Instead of just suppressing symptoms, specialized lab testing help connect the dots. The health of the gut to the health of the brain. Fire in the gut, fire in the brain, if you have inflammation, dysbiosis in the gut, bacterial or fungal overgrowth, then that is going to produce an inflammatory response that affects the brain and causes inflammation. Dysfunction in the gut can lead to a variety of cognitive, mood, and behavioral disorders, so not just anxiety, but also depression. Next we need to look at neurotransmitter levels and your nutrient levels as they play an important role in overall health. Gain insight into any imbalances since that can lead to suppressed immune system, disease, anxiety, cognitive/mood disorders and much more.

Benefits of Functional Med Lab Testing for Your Wellness

  • Non-Invasive Specialized Testing -No blood draw, no pain at all!
  • Gain Insight from Inside Out - Finally discover what's going on in your body.
  • Proactive not Reactive - Functional Medicine Testing is proactive and personalized.
  • Personalized Regime -After learning about any imbalances then follow your personalized regime.
  • Lifestyle Factors -Help address imbalances with key lifestyle factors.
  • May Complement Your Current Treatments Add a natural remedy to your current regime.
  • Become your best advocate for yourself!
  • Get Results -complements your healthy lifestyle
  • Potentially save Thousands - gaining insight into your biomedical imbalances & following your regime is priceless as it helps you get to a new normal reaching your goals, saving you time & money.
  • Access to a Specialist - During your phone session, review your test results and strategy.
  • To be eligible, you must send your urine specimen in 2020, otherwise increased lab fees apply.

I want you to know there is hope!

As a functional medicine specialist & nutritionist, I strive to share the best remedies to balance the body working on both the inside and outside so you rid yourself of anxiety! Truly passionate about providing you with the insightful functional medicine lab testing to discover what's going on and work on correcting any biomedical imbalances with the best quality and highest strength products humanly possible... that 'actually work'.

Start feeling great today by taking action in learning what's going on inside you to feel this way and make the changes to live your best life now!

Functional Medicine Test Package still available:

Order Organic Acid Test & Glyphosate (checking 70+ markers), phone session included

Save $300 (Originally $1200 for two days get the special at $997)

Organic Acid Test: first morning urine test checks 70+ important markers providing insight into one's cellular metabolic functioning allowing individual tailoring of nutritional interventions as opposed to guessing and taking any supplements and not absorbing one's food. Provides insight into intestinal health, specific dysbiosis markers for candida and microbial, mitochondrial energy production, methylation, detoxification, vitamin nutritional markers such as Vitamin C, B12, B6, B-Complex markers, CoQ10, neurotransmitter breakdown, amino acids (NAC and carnitine), oxidative damage, and fatty acids.

Glyphosate Test urine test checks for the levels of glyphosate. Recent studies have discovered glyphosate exposure to be a cause of many chronic health problems.

All Sales Final – No Refund for Health Plan, Nutraceuticals, Lab Testing

Valid only for testing completed in 2020; additional fees for any specimen received in 2021.
To qualify for Amazon Prime Deal Health package 2020,
you must send back your urine specimen in 2020 as lab fees are increasing in 2021.


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